Roshitha & Stanly

As Anisha, founder and CEO of Our Day Events, explains at her initial consultation meeting, she chose to name her company as such because she will truly treat your wedding day as hers as well. Then she goes on to spend the time leading up the wedding doing EXACTLY that. As many 2020 couples probably also experienced, the pandemic threw our wedding plans for a loop – we ended up changing our wedding date twice! But with Anisha and Our Day Events we never felt a sense of loss or panic during these crazy times. Our Day Events took up the mantle of planning essentially three weddings for us with ease, empathy, and joy. From the outset, my husband and I were not exactly sure of what our vision for this wedding was, other than the fact that we wanted a fun night with our family and friends. With what little we offered, Anisha guided and offered us so many ideas so we could curate the perfect day – and that day turned out even more perfect than we could have imagined. Other than choosing each other, the best decision we made for this wedding was hiring Our Day Events. If you are on the fence about hiring a planner (for any event, wedding or otherwise), we HIGHLY RECOMMEND Our Day Events by Anisha Ninan. You will not find a more organized, empathetic, patient, and creative team to make your dreams come true.Thank you, Our Day Events, you took what would have been the most stressful time of our lives and made it into an adventure. Words could not express our gratitude!