Hagin & Stephanie

My husband and I were initially not going to have a wedding coordinator. We thought it was more of a “good thing to have” and not something you “needed to have”. Needless to say, we were wrong. A month or so before the wedding, my husband and Anisha chatted and we found out we were really behind schedule. With work and wedding planning, things just weren’t getting done and we realized we needed help. Anisha graciously took us under her wing and went above and beyond to successfully organize our wedding. Her passion for event planning, hard work, kindness and genuine care for her clients really stood out to us. Despite being in another country, she was always available for questions and honestly provided her opinions with the best intentions for us in mind. We felt like we were in safe hands the whole time. Everyone who came across Anisha over the course of the wedding planning process was impressed with Anisha’s attention to detail and organizational skills and pointed out that she was “on top of her game”; we couldn’t have agreed more!! 😊Anisha, you were such a pleasure to work with. All the guests commented on how smoothly the day went and the entire credit for that goes to you. Thank you so much for coordinating our wedding, it couldn’t have been what it was without you.

We love you 😘