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  • 26, Apr 2019


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Are you one of the brides or grooms who is overwhelmed in wedding planning and forget to take care of yourself?! Are you on a constant run and forgetting to take time to appreciate each other?! Are you one of the brides or grooms who is overwhelmed in wedding planning and forget to take care of yourself?! Are you on a constant run and forgetting to take time to appreciate each other?! 

  • Couples these days are so immersed in planning wedding on their own that they forget to take care of themselves! Let’s be real, wedding planning can be hectic and hard.. and almost like a full time job, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your OWN! 
  • This is exactly why almost everyone RECOMMEND YOU TO HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!
  • SELF CARE is not a selfish act! But rather it is reminder for everyone to just take time to.. throw on your comfy PJs and sip on your favorite wine or eat your favorite ice cream! 
  • GROOMS: Make sure to take time to hang out with your boys and have guys night out! *
  • BRIDES: schedule for frequent manicures, EAT healthy and be ACTIVE! *
  • Don’t forget to take time for yourself, couples! HIRE a WEDDING PLANNER and find yourself LESS STRESSFUL! *
  • By finding time for self care, you are not only being HAPPIER but also BUILDING A HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER! *


Stop beating yourself down
  • 15, Oct 2016

Stop beating yourself down

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It is quite easy for us to dwell on our past, our regrets, mistakes, and what didn’t go right.. or the way we wanted it to be! But little do we realize that the more and more we think and “dwell” on these, the larger it will G R O W. Here’s some things to remember today: ••••
♥Think about whether other people have moved on- evaluate the impact of your mistakes and did it affect others? How are they reacting to it? The chances are- they have moved on! If not, you got to move on with your L I F E! ••••
♥Make a DATE TO DWELL- out of the seven days of a week, you can’t be dwelling on these negative emotions 24/7! But rather set aside about 10-20 minutes one day out of the week to re-examine your life! I don’t want to call it dwelling .. but re-examine yourself! What went wrong and how can it be prevented in the future. ••••
♥Stay A C T I V E- being physically active also helps and aids to bring mentally active! Dig in to your life and see what you enjoy the most and best! Dancing? Jogging? Volunteering? If anything? Give back to your community!
♥With that being said, it’s not really the big regrets, loss.. that matters! Remember, there’s a greater J O Y waiting for you! The light is not at the end of the tunnel BUT IT IS IN YOU! 

Let’s be real!
  • 9, Oct 2016

Let’s be real!

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Let’s be real, some of us need this talk! It is quite hard to remind ourselves that We are KIND, SMART and IMPORTANT! I have seen people put themselves down and not give value to what they do! 
This shouldn’t be the case! We have to learn to value ourselves and LOVE ourselves before we love someone else! How can you love and sacrifice for our loved ones, if we don’t LEARN TO LOVE ourselves?! It is IMPORTANT to tell ourselves “I AM IMPORTANT”! You cannot have or ALLOW anyone to talk down on you and point fingers at you! You are your OWN BEAUTIFUL KIND! Remember that! 
It is essential to tell ourselves each day “I AM KIND”! Being rude and short tempered is the easy way out! But having patience and demonstrating kindness is the harder route to take! 
And last but not the least, your DEGREES does not categorize if you are smart or not! Everyone is smart in their own ways! Some might be what we call… the book smart? Or some might be the street smart ones! Either way, YOU IS SMART!! Try to learn something new every day! It could be as simple as learning how to spell a new word!? Now what is your favorite saying from a movie?!